Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alpha Male

The inspiration for this painting comes from:

a) watching a documentary that had a waterbuffalo in it and deciding it was quite a paintworthy animal.


b) listening to the song "Alpha Male" by Royksopp on a 6 hour overnight bus drive to Taupo (during
which the driver asked the passengers if they were keen to watch a DVD, everyone said yes, I braced myself
for brainless Ben Stiller-style family entertainment in form of a romantic comedy but got the most brutal
japanese horror thriller with indecipherably small subtitles - the eyes of the popcorn munching 10 year
old boy in front of us were glued to the screen.)

Anyway the song is beautiful and at the start and the end of it theres this haunting flute melody during
which a picture of Jesus walking through the fog, halo and all, comes to my mind. It also reminds me of
the 1911 silent movie "L'inferno" which is about the circles of hell and those condemned in them.
Has anyone here seen it?

Then I mix those influences together, swap Jesus for a girl and the result is this painting.

The song can be heard if you click here. The melody that evoked this picture starts at about 0.43 .


Another alpha male of sorts...
The old pope through a kaleidoscope. Deserves to be big.

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