Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's glitter o'clock!

Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!! <3

I spent the day eating as much chocolate as possible
and sewing my green glitter dress for the party :)
(Worn with my tutu)


I love this photo! :D

I made mulled wine, yumyum. I found this cute set of
cups on a powerbox by the street in Auckland 2 years
ago. Guys drinking from it gotta remain a straight face :P

My friends bejewelled this clock for me, so awesome!!!

It looks like its straight out of Howl's room
in "Howl's moving castle"

I also got this book, which I already started reading
and I'm sure I'll write about it sometime soon!

I'm addicted to these, mmmmmh! :)

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