Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Kaleidoscope room

I tried to paint this last year but it didn't work out the way I wanted, so
now I tried again and I succeeded. It's based on the last part of this dream:

When I dream of Vienna, it's always night and raining.
I am running through the streets, must get somewhere quick. I pass a new row of
buildings. They are significantly smaller than the rest of Vienna's houses and glowing
with lights of all hues. I slow down to look at them closer, there are restaurants,
casinos, somewhere on a sign the name "Katalin" is written.

Fairylights everywhere. To my left theres a tiny blue lit "Hansel & Gretel house" with
a gingerbread fence. To my right theres a bright red lit window. I stop and look inside.
It is the "Kaleidoscope room". Inside the walls are made of kaleidoscope glass. Pretty
patterns, mostly red or purple, because of the lighting. I am late for wherever I was going,
so I decide to take a shortcut through that place.

Inside it's busy but silent. Apparently it is another restaurant. Beautiful people are sitting
at round tables eating nothing but white crabs
. Instead of menues there's
photographs of models on the tables.

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