Sunday, December 26, 2010

Karori Sanctuary

We visited the Karori Sanctuary a few weekends ago and I
got another opportunity to test the new lens.

This is one of my favourite photos :)


Upon arrival we saw some supercute fluffy ducklings! <333

The well camouflaged Tuatara.

We saw many native birds on our walk and I made like 10 attempts
to get a good Tui shot. They always fly away or show you their bum
at the deciding moment, but this one just kept on singing :)

I think maybe this one is a Bellbird?

This is definitely one. Not my photo, but awwwwww look how cute!

And a common but very friendly blackbird who let me come very close to take my photo.

I can now take photos of water flowing, looking fluffy and soft. :D

Found a hole in the tree.

It always feels weird coming back into the concrete city after
being out in the forest. I mean Wellington is fairly green, but still...

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