Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiger Translate

A little while ago we went to Tiger Translate which was a big party at the
opera house hosted by Tiger Beer, with large scale live painting and music.


Even opera house lane had a totally different feel to it with
all the colourful lanterns! I want them in my house! <3

Here's Drypnz starting on his work.

The blue, purple and red lights really made the place look amazing and surreal!

Here's local graffiti artist "Eeks" Joe Blak.

A girl came out of this shell and started pouring beer onto her hands.

I love the lights on the victorian ceiling!

Towards the end of the night we sat up on the top floor...

...where we had a good view of tha band and the paintings coming together in the background.

I looked up towards the dome and there were these cool patterns plus a starry ceiling.

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