Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I bought a whole bag of "broken" jewellery from the antique shop with
the future intent of bedazzling a jacket of some sorts with its contents!

Check out my treasures! :D


I was all exited detangling everything at home. Sometimes I dream of finding and collecting jewels or other treasures in my dreams and being very happy that I found them. Then I wake up and they're all gone :(
So needless to say I felt like I was dreaming a bit there :P

This pendant really moved me. Must have been someones treasured memory of a loved child/ grandchild...

This crown is so tiny!

I sorted all the earings out even though I'm not gonna use them like that. I was in sorting mood :P

This isn't actually a ring, but it could be made into one :)

This little ring is one of my favourite treasures from the bag and I've been wearing it every day!


  1. wow so many awesome treasures! I am planning on an antique shop mission soon :)

  2. The little blue bird earring- they're quite rare! They're called 'bluebirds of hope' or something similar, and come in the form of brooches and earrings and all sorts. I've only ever seen one in the flesh, so you're quite lucky!



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