Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Universe is big and no one can steal your Soul

When I feel sad I look at photos of outer space taken by the hubble telescope such as
the "Hubble Ultra Deep Field" which is the deepest image of the universe ever taken. It
blows my mind to see all those thousands of galaxies out there and then thinking back
of the milkyway -> our solar system -> planet earth -> New Zealand -> Wellington ->
myself and my troubles which all of sudden seem so unimportant and life seems so bizarre.

I look at the clouds of nebulas and shiny stars out there and my mind comes out of its box
and starts being free and forgiving and reconnects with the universe. I feel my soul inside
my body and that nothing bad can touch it or take it away from me because it's made
from diamonds so hard no one can scratch it but so beautiful and translucent.

In other words: Bee more free and worry less and do what you want to do, because the
universe is big and your troubles are small and whatever happens, no one can steal your soul

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