Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm so happy! After lots of research and a couple of weeks worth of attempts to expierience
a W.I.L.D. (wake induced lucid dream) it happened this morning. Strangely enough it happened
after I had actually given up and just wanted to lie in bed a little bit longer before getting up.
Usually I focused on getting sleep paralysation and then going lucid from there but even after
hours of lying there (google w.i.l.d. if you want all the steps) all i ever got was a very very
heavy body but not paralyzed.

So what I did different this morning apparently was not to focus on the paralysation but just on
dream images and somehow after a while i started spinning and twisting my body in my mind until
it separated from my real body and became my dream body. I then sat up and wanted to get up
and strangely enough I remembered lots of things I had read about lucid dreaming the night before.
So I remembered that when you first become lucid you will be so excited that you wake up again.
To stop that you can rub your hands together or spin in a circle to distract your brain.
I rubbed my hands, but failed and woke up.

I immediately tried again and spun and twisted (I felt like in a candyfloss machine) until I separated.
Then I continued spinning for a while until I felt properly connected to my dream body.
Then I thought how I could get into the dream landscape I had prepared in my mind (which was a
meadow beside the forest in Austria) and thought that it would be too difficult to go there right now.
So I would start off here and I slipped my body head first through the glass of the window. I wasn't
scared to fall all the 8 floors because I knew I could fly. So I flew over the roofs of what I pictured
Wellington to be like from the air and jumped from roof to roof. Then I landed on the streets near
the harbour and though "What else to do now that I'm lucid". Dream control needs practise and so
at first you can't fully contol your environment. I wanted my crazy pet named "Sugar" - of which I
dreamt the night before- to appear(a white fluffy pet that was a bird, rabbit, cat and dog mixed
together. I'll paint her soon.). But I felt that was too advanced and I didnt want to try anything that
would wake me up again so I chose to just explore and I flew over the rooftops all the way to Auckland.
I saw the tall building that seems to consist entirely out of turquoise glass. I believe it's on Majoral drive??
It seemed to be the only real thing I was able to remember about Auckland in my dream. Then I flew
into the suburbs and landed on a roof and rested. The roof was soft.
Then I looked in the window and talked to the people that lived inside for a bit and then woke up.

I hope I can do another W.I.L.D. again. In the past I've only had a couple of D.I.L.D.s (dream
induced lucid dreaming) which requires you to question the dream reality in a dream by doing
a reality check, but this happens rather rarely to me.

Will let you know what's happening.
Slipping through the glass was so cool :PP

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