Monday, January 10, 2011

Mantis and plants

I found this baby mantis while visiting Auckland a few weeks back. I miss seing them
everywhere, they don't seem to exist in Wellington...or they're just hiding very well!
I liked how it was swaying from side to side.

Look how tiny it is compared to my hand!

I found a small ant and put them both on a leaf.
The mantis was scared of the ant and ran away :P

I got some carnivorous plants from a friend. This one's especially pretty close-up :)

And this one is some some sort of a pitcher plant. It has a liquid
inside that's supposed to attract flies who then fall into it.

We live in an apartment and so there aren't many flies around but I found
one and was very naughty and caught it and pushed it inside... :P
The plant took forever (as in weeks) to digest it. Apparently they're alright
without flies as well though so they're vegetarian for most of the time :)

I liked the pastel pink and beige leafes of my waxflower plant. <3

It just flowered as well, isn't it pretty?

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