Monday, January 31, 2011

Weird & Wonderful #14


The crazy caterpillar in the first picture later looks like this. It's a Brahmin moth.

1939, Phyllis Gordon takes her pet cheetah shopping in London.

Who knew normal house flys had wings this vibrant. Read more here.

The above photos by Sara Naim are of milk being vibrated by the sound of
Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". View the whole set on her website.

Photos of abandoned buildings by Michael John Grist.

Above 2 photos by Caryn Drexl

Not sure who thist artist is but the group show is currently on at Copro Nason Gallery.

 Currently obsessed with rainbow hair <3

Photo by the very talented and very young Nirrimi Hakanson

A rare blue iceberg spotted in New Zealand by a tourist boat.

View 14 of the world's most beautiful jellyfish here.

Ladybug plays with sprinkles!! After seeing this video I was frantically searching for ladybugs
to try for myself but couldn't find any. Then one day I found one in my friend's pool and
fished it out. We got sprinkles from the kitchen but it wasn't interested in them...
Maybe it was still in shock from almost drowning?

I know this has been around for a while now but awwwww I couldn't resist posting it :DD


  1. I love all these pics! they are always so fun to look through, the eyes that are framed freaked me out:) the bed in the water, seriously I've had dreams where I'm floating in the sea on a bed just like that! I still have sketches from when I would wake up:)

  2. great post!
    here from alienchildren :P

  3. Beautiful post!! So inspiring thank you so much for sharing :-)

  4. I love that floating bed in the middle of the lake!... and the cuddly kitty! haha



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