Thursday, March 3, 2011

"My house at dusk"

Inspired by a dream of being chased by an angry white rhino. I think it was
blind because it only ever knew where I was when I made a noise through movement
or shouting. It came racing towards me grunting and hissing but as soon as I stopped
and just stood there it either turned around or ran off into a different direction, but
it always came back as soon as I moved. Then a unicorn appeared to help me and
the 2 of them were fighting. In the end the unicorn pierced the rhino's neck
with its horn and it lay there dead on the ground.

This is my third dream of animals fighting. The first one I had was a lion vs bear,
then lioness vs dog and then this. I actually finished this piece in January and after
that I went to see the "European Masters" exhibition at Te Papa where a piece of
Henri Rousseau was hanging as well. Later I looked through a book of his works in the
shop area and noticed he had quite a few paintings of animals attacking others. Have a look:

My house in the painting just stands for myself really as it is in dreams. I love small
spaces and my dream house would be very small but with a big garden.
It's a fantasy though because I'd always run out of space... :P

I was going to do a sequel painting "My house at dawn", but at the
moment I don't have time for it. We will see.

It is my second painting on canvas by the way.

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