Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This entry is about various things that happened lately
and photos that don't fall into any particular category :)

Today I went to the library and got a huge stack of books on Czech and Art
and Czech Art :P ...and on other things: one book is called "Fantasy Worlds"
and I'm convinced I'll find a lot in there to share on my other blog
CURIOUS-PLACES. (previously known as "awesome-places" on livejournal)

Here's my favourite outfit at the moment. I bought all 3 items (except the belt)
in one day at Recycle Boutique and Paperbag Princess and I love them! The boots
are a bit dirty because I went stickhunting in the forest with my friend the other
day. We need sticks to build an awesome tipi for a cool project, more soon!

A (rather long) while ago I answered some questions about my art and dreams
over at http://rockingfem.blogspot.com, so click if you'd like to read :)

I bought crocodile lollies :P

I liked the orchid's shadow growing out of our guitar.

I don't have a hipflask but I stuck a big jewel on a tiny bottle which is a good substitute. :P

I twisted the jewel while glueing so you can read the number
in the middle. I thought it was a good idea at the time :P

Some sunny day in the botanical gardens...

A big tree growing out of someones grave. It pushed the gravestone
aside as if it was saying "I don't need you anymore, I'm a tree now!"
I want a tree to grow out of my body when I die.


  1. That tree grave is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

  2. You look like Florence from Florence and the Machine in that forest pic! I look forward to reading an interview with you- it's been some time! *excited*

  3. Ich find das Interview toll!! Und du hast sogar unser chatbuch erwähnt :) Meine 2 Kleinen haben zu Ostern jeweils einen "Diamanten" bekommen und sie mir heute total stolz gezeigt.



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