Thursday, May 12, 2011

Exploring the bays

My friend Sam is still here in windy Wellington and so
her and I set off to explore Island Bay & Oriental Bay!

We found an old house with Freemason symbols on it in Island Bay.

One symbol is hidden up the top.

On the windowsill of the same house: a hippo???
Either that or some rotten kumara that looks like a hippo.

We found some lovely flowers which Sam
insisted on squashing with her amazing mane:

On another day we were sitting in the window of Midnight
Espresso and I spotted the blinking light on the truck parked
in front. I thought it was beautiful with its sparkly halo.

We then posed for outfit photos in front of the Te Papa diamonds.

Do you like my insane skirt? I got it from Recycle Boutique
last week and I never want to take it off again!

This cute bird/duck popped its head out of the water :)

There's this old boat down by the boat sheds between Oriental
Parade and the water. I think it looks like a ribcage of a whale.

The bottom side of the boat looks like art!

"Why don't you come with me little girl...on a magic carpet ride?"

Big starfish!!

That's it for this week :)

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