Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opening night!

Friday was the opening for "Not just another group show" at Te Karanga Gallery in Auckland!
I'm wearing a painting as a necklace. It's the ghost of the girl and the
rabbit in the paintings I had in the show.

MORE: (Contains nudity)

The art of Miss Mica Still!

Meghan and I spent 1.5 hours before the show speed-bodypainting!
Here's beautiful Ella, one of the girls I did!

Hannah (Meghan did a nice job painting her!) & Ella.

Wonderful Eve, the "Drink Me- Girl"! I painted her a bit in the little spare time that was left.

I adore this photo!

The paint didn't come off so well in a hurry, so I had to run around like this for the night. :P

Artist Kate Elise, curator Cleo Barnett & artist Meghan Geliza <3

Meghan the glitter fairy!

Sam and her pretty bag <3

It was a great night, thanks to everyone for coming along! It was lovely to meet you all!!


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