Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A few outfits

I'm bulk posting a couple of outfit photos that I took over the past
few months. Some of them are from when it was still warm here :P


Got this vintage bag at the Bondi markets in Sydney!

I made this skirt a while ago but don't think I ever
posted it. I fell in love with the flower-cake fabric!

My curtain tutu!

I got these for $1 at a flea market. Turns out the fleas really
chewed into it because shortly after the parts that keep them
on your face (don't know the english word for it) fell off :(

They make everything look wine-bottle-green :)

They suit the photo up on my wall! :P

My colourful kimono-dressing gown thing plus lots of
layers because it was a cold day. (at Manky Chops gallery)

I wear it with my glitter belt (which matches my
phone) which I got while in Auckland 2 weeks ago <3

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