Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weird & Wonderful # 18

This image + below 2 are of works by the
amazing artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Insane underwater movie sets: Read more here.

"Double-exposure" paintings by Pakayla Biehn.

"Time Capsule Mansion Opened After 100 Years" Read more here.

This and below via ergotismus: Fruit carvings
by "The Carving Institute"! See more here.

Via ergotismus: This light phenomenon is called a Brocken Spectre.

Giant water bugs devouring snakes and baby turtles o_O Read more here.

Catfish being fed! Watch insanely weird video here.

Snub nosed monkey

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  1. Beautiful! I first found you on LJ's alienchildren and now follow your blog. <3



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