Monday, June 6, 2011

What's with my hair? etc... :)

You may have noticed my hair is looking a bit strange lately!
That's because my friend Bex did some crazy colour-blocking
with it for the L'Oreal fashion show I was in.

There were some really massive hairstyles as well, check out the girl next to me!

Bex owns a very cool hair salon called Willis York
which I recently helped renovate and I took some pictures:

See me on the left with the antlers :P

There's more photos on the website of the
wonderful Kerryn Dunshea, interior designer. Click!

Oh and I also built a tipi in there! It looks a lot better now than in this photo,
decorated with feathers and fairylights, but I didn't bring my camera last time...

Another newly renovated space around Wellington is Manky Chops Gallery,
which is currently a shop where every artist has a wall space:

"Mortal Gods" Tees by the amazing Xoe Hall!

I've got a few things up too! Go have a look :) Upstairs 166 Cuba Street.

I did not make this, it's from Sakura restaurant!

I found a stain that looks like a seahorse! :)

I'm going home to Austria in almost 2 weeks!!!!!!

Just for a visit though, I'll be back in Wellington at the start of September!

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  1. your hair looks fantastic! The stick house is also awesome as is a whole pile of other stuff in this post.



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