Monday, July 18, 2011

Austria Pt. 2: Of plastic horses, human bones + medieval cities

I found a barbie horse in my old room and combed its hair :)

This is our garden seen through my oldest glass crystal that I took
from the little chandellier in my parent's bedroom when I was 5.

Went to visit friends and again we stayed up till dawn :P

We went for an early morning walk with the whiskey
glass (and sunnies :P) and I picked some flowers...

Then I went to visit my mum who now lives in a medieval city. Pretty cute stuff!

We walked up to the vinyards and came past this old house.

When you go for a walk in rural Austria you find so much to eat for
most of the year! Berries, cherries, grapes, other fruit, nuts, herbs.
My mum has a huge herbal tea collection which she picked herself.
When you go for a walk in New Zealand you find nothing edible at all o_O

A lot of houses have the year when they were built written on the wall.

I look like the priest in "Valerie & her week of wonders".
I'm going to Slavonice soon too where the film was made!

Found some human bones underneath another church... RIP

My cousin visited and we went swimming. On the
way home it was too hot to wear clothes. :P

And we danceddanceddanced and we danceddanceddanced...

More soon! <3

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