Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Austria Pt. 3: Of water-filled tunnels + wild berries

Yes we're in a little boat in a cave underneatha little village! Lets start at the beginning:

A week or so ago my brothers, cousins and I visited my
grandma who lives in a small village near the Czech border.

The village's annual farmers market was in full swing.
Here someone's carving a boar with a chainsaw :)

I used to be creeped out by these as a kid. They're in the "House of the Dead".
This illustration of my book is about that very house.

There was a flea market in the old antique store (which is gonna be torn down any day now).

Of course I had to buy shit! I got the lace scarf and an old perfume spray bottle
which is openable and I plan on using it for spraying water onto my plants.

Sooooo back in the war the whole village used to be connected by underground
tunnels that reached from cellar to cellar. Now there's only leftovers. We walked
down the steps into one of them which was hidden beneath a restaurant.

The ground water has come up and flooded a big part of the tunnels. They're only as wide
as both arms stretched out can reach but the whole thing is about 20 metres long I guess.

Melissa and I took the boat with no paddles and "at our own risk"
started dragging it along the cave walls by grabbing onto the rock surface...

In the tunnels it's pitch black! This photo was taken with my camera flash.
We only had a tiny torch and at times we felt a bit klaustrophobic ducking
in the boat, not seeing how much space there is above our head. You can
smell the cool cave scent and somehow the walls radiate a feeling of closeness
as if the tunnel is getting narrower and lower. Sometimes stuff growing from
the ceiling smacks you in the face. We crashed against the walls quite a lot :P

There's a lot of old houses in the village. This one next to my grandma's is gonna be torn
down too. It's completely dilapidated. My grandma took a walk in her backyard and the
wall inbetween the 2 properties fell over. Another time my uncle saw a part of the roof
collapse. Quite amazing that an old lady still lived there until her death a few years ago.

Here's the back of the house with the fuckedest car I've ever seen...

A snippet of grandma's extensive collection of holy Mary statues and other various religious stuff.
She used to drink holy water and tell me stories of the devil and the purifying fire when I was a kid.

We walked down to the river to cool down because it was hot as shit... Follow me!

More nature stuff to eat: Wild strawberries mmmmmmmh!!!
Passersby told us "Where there are wild strawberries there are wild snakes"
because they wanted to pick them for themselves on the way back :P

On our drive home we saw a hot air balloon. I've never been on one
ever but we used to watch them often as kids as they hovered above
our house. I thought if I was up in that baloon I'd always have heaps
of candy with me to throw down to the kids that are watching :P



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