Thursday, July 21, 2011

Austria Pt. 4: Of religious relics + climbing trees and statues

After being in the country I went back to Vienna...

My cousin and I went for a walk through the 1st district and spotted austrian
celebrity Jeannine Schiller rushing across the Graben with shoppingbags.

In this building there's a fantastic chocolate boutique. See below:

Some crazy religious relics...oh what a word!

Went to the park where we saw a pile of ducklings :P

Climbed some trees :)

I went to the Dali exhibition a week earlier but forgot my
camera so now I finally got a pic of me and Mr. Surealism :)

On some nights I went out with my lovely glittering sister cousin Pia!

We arrived at this club that had a pool and while testing the water with my hand
my new ring slipped off and fell to the bottom. The waiters pretended they didn't
have a cleaning net cause they wanted to see us strip off and swim but it was too
early in the night for me so I ripped off a branch and fished around unsucessfully.
Our friend Melissa finally managed to get it out :)

Later that night we met some guys from Switzerland with whom we climned up to the
horses of this statue. By doing so I ruined my favourite wedges. They took some photos
but we forgot to exchange numbers and even names so you'll have to imagine that part.

On other nights I went on city adventures with Stan, one of the coolest girls in Austria! <3

Open/ Closed eye pic above. We took a lot of pics that we wanted to
make gifs out of but there were too many so here's a short video instead:

The Vienna International Dance Festival opened that evening at MQ.

Later we all went to Donau, where the projected wallpaper changes all the time!

Pia and Stan being colourful <3

Hangover food I made for Pia :P

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