Saturday, July 30, 2011

Austria Pt. 5: Of glittering rocks + ghosts

I'm waaaay behind with my updates but anyway: I went to Carinthia in the south
of Austria to make a family visit and to enjoy the beautiful lake and mountains!

Here's where I stayed! My grandma's house back in I dunno.

This sort of stuff is typical austrian countryside home decor...

The village lies on a beautiful lake which has a nice temperature for swimming in summer.

That's how we hunt ducks in Austria :P

My friend found a piece of grass that has grown THROUGH a clover leaf!!! :D

I swam out to this boat with my brother. This is a big deal! Not the swimming - I can swim for
ages in a lake (I'm careful in the sea though). The thing is that I freak out when swimming right
next to a boat or a buoy. This boat wasn't so big but still I kinda get the feeling that it drags me
under. And buoys are so slimy from the algae and the chain reaches all the way down to the
deepest bottom of the water and I think I feel like I'm connected with the monsters of the
deep when I touch the part of the buoy that's under the surface.

BUT as this photo prooves I even got ON the boat and I touched the buoy the boat was tied to!

By the lake we found the cutest little kitty, mwaaah!!!! <3

I had a few scratches after this close up tiger experience :P

I'll be on the water :)

Went for a walk up through the forest.

The soil and rocks glitter in that part of Austria. When we were kids we'd always collect bags full
of glittering rocks in the lake. They're very common though and it drove our parents crazy when
we smuggled tons of rocks back home on the 5 hour car ride. I can't remember why they didn't
like it. Maybe it made the car even heavier? Maybe the glittering remains all over the seats and
floor were rather undesireable? Maybe tripping over them at home all the time wasn't too much fun?

But LOOK they're so pretty!!

Short version of the legend of the Austrian flag: Guy wore white clothes and got them all bloody
in battle. The only part that stayed white was where his belt used to be. So red-white-red it is!

My brother destroying the trees :P

I haven't been down in Carinthia for a long time. The last time was straight after Fabian, my
ex-boyfriend had committed suicide. I had quite a few friends there but we lost contact and
many of them I hadn't seen in like 7 years. When I went down there I went to a gig where I
hoped to find some of them. I found almost all of them spread out through the venue and
walked up to each of them at a time and said "Hi!" with a big smile. It's a strange feeling
when you see them digging around in their heads for a minute, thinking where they
know you from and finally you see a light in their eyes when they remember :)
Some of them I didn't recognize, not even my own cousin, omg embarrassing!

While I was talking to a group of them I saw someone walk up to us from the corner of my
eye and my friend says "Remember David?" and I looked and almost dropped my drink. I
thought I'd seen the ghost of Fabian! But it was his little brother who after 7 years has
grown up and looks EXACTLY like him. The face and the long blonde hair, the style of
clothes and even the way he walks. I couldn't even manage a greeting, I just ran outside
and cried for a few minutes but afterwards came back in and gave him a big hug.

FUCK it was an intense weekend!

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