Monday, August 1, 2011

Austria Pt. 6: Of horses + wild gardens+ the magic eye dimension

The garden I grew up in is pretty big and it's a time consuming
job to keep everything tidy. Underneath this overgrown thing
there used to be a big wooden ladder to climb on for us kids.

Here used to be a pond with lots of tadpoles. One day my friend gave me some
dragonfly larvaes and I put them in the pond and since that day there were no
more tadpoles (they got eaten) but lots of dragonflies. They all hatch on the
same day and fly around the garden for an hour or so before they disappear.

I found an awesome white spider! It was a bitch to get a photo of it but I got my moneyshot!

This used to me "my" tree. My brothers weren't allowed on it
only on special occasions or if I needed someone to play with.
If I saw them sneaking onto it without permission I freaked out!

Surprisingly this swing didn't crash to the ground with me on it...

Tried to do some gardening but gave up after one bush. :P

Stan visited and we went for a walk in the forest. We found big leaves!
Let us demonstrate what you can do with them:
1. Use as an umbrella
2. Use as a hat :)

We were looking for snails all day but only found slugs and one small snail
with a house but it refused to come out so we waited and left and as we
came back it was gone. Then we found this one who was a bit more social. :)

Něco k jídlu - Etwas zu essen - Something to eat

The ruins of the castle of my hometown.

Went to my friend Patricia's place who let me hop on her horsie
which she won in a prize draw. My legs stick out the front because
that's the western riding style signal to slow down. :P

Not that easy to take control without proper reins or muscles...

A moment of surprise: Stan acidentally turned her back on the horse which is a signal for it to follow her.

We made another little video of our horse adventures:

Summary: I'm riding "Bluemchen" who prefers to eat grass instead. Stan accidentally
discovers a secret signal that makes the horse follow her voluntarily. Marie almost falls
off her horse which refuses to jump over the hurdles but in the end she gets help :)

Stan and I googled magic eye pictures. I had almost forgotten they exist!
The magic eye dimension is awesome! I wanna live in it.

The next day I went to a horse fair :)

But there were lots of other animals too! Rabbits omgomgomg I wanted to take them all home!!

Greedy goats!

And WTF is that dark animal????????????????????????????? A dog? A boar? A hyena?

I loved these 2!

Marie's horse had a bad day but she managed to stay on!

Some people didn't have horses so they had to make amends... :P

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  1. That amazing! And weird!
    Hehe, goats are awesome.



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