Friday, August 12, 2011

Austria Pt. 7: Of carousells & candyfloss

Friends and I spent a day at the Prater- Vienna's funpark! :D
This mural could be my own really...

Julie our friend from Prague and myself with our big green monster buddy.

We went on the the world's tallest chain-carousell, which
you can see in the background. It's 117 metres tall :)

Gettin ready for take off...

Taking off!

From the top you can see all over Vienna. I didn't bring my
camera but you can watch this video of the ride on youtube:

Candyfloss yay!!!!!!!! <3

I liked the reflection of the trees in the windows :)

On our last ride Julie was the ony one out of us 8 who got completely soaked :P


On another night it was Katalin's birthday <3

In the later hours we played with the toy helicopter :D

We turned off the light and everyone was screaming and ducking from the blue lit bat!

I took pics with my friend's old camera but we have to wait how
the film turns out. Analog cameras like to be so mysteriouuuus :)

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