Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austria Pt. 8: Of castleparties + music + erotic novels

With my friends in Austria we have this tradition
where we spend a couple of nights a year on an
old castle/ ruin and party through the night :)

View from the tower after arrival.

We searched the woods for some firewood (during which I fell
off a hill slope and got a few scratches in the brambles) and made
a cozy fire. I painted patterns into the sky with a burning stick. :)

The view of the Danube before sunset.

The fire getting low...

Finally the sun went up and it got warmer instantly!

Most people were asleep by then...

I went to sleep on the castle wall because it had the sun shining on it.

My view from my sleeping place.

My view after being woken up by the voices of tourists later :)

I decided to walk stumble around a bit and take photos.

Don't walk up the spiral staircase of the tower if you're claustrophobic ...

The surroundings of the castle in the Wachau region are
beautiful. Lots of hills with vinyards. In autumn you can
taste all the different grapes when going for walks.

We found this big shiny guy :)

After everyone was awake we walked down
to the Danube which was very refreshing!

Here's a little stop motion video of the night and
the morning after (mostly the morning after) :D


Another night my friends of Satara had a gig
which was cool! Their style is mixture of folk and medieval music
sung in German, Swedish, English or Middle High German.

Again we partied till the morning... :)

We found some old erotic novels! We all grabbed one
and took turns reading random paragraphs out loud :P


  1. So happy to see more photos! all looking gorgeous:) are you back yet? it's getting close? will be so sad:( I leave for Austria on October 3rd:) I can't wait:), I checked out Satara:) very nice! reminds me of my favorite band Faun! which also do Medieval folk and are from Germany...they are also looking for other musicians right now...maybe your friends will be interested? here's the site just in should mention it to them:)

  2. Yes i came back on monday night :)
    My friends like Faun very much. They played at Festival Medieval in Germany 2009 when I last went back.



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