Monday, September 12, 2011

Slavonice: Town of Valerie & her Week of Wonders

While I was back home in Austria I had the chance to drive
across the border into Slavonice, Czech Republic, where the
1970s film Valerie and her Week of Wonders was filmed. It's my
favourite so I was very very very excited to visit this place!!!

This alley looked familiar...

...of course it's in the film :)

They have amazing ceilings everywhere!

The main square with the fountain, which now looks a bit different.
They left the tall middle pillar but removed the statues around it.

Here's what it looked like in the film.

It's such a beautiful little town <3

Sitting by a different fountain. Theres a few of them around.

This was up the top of the bell tower of the church.

Pia & I enjoying the view.

The main square from above.

In the film the market takes place there...

...and people try to burn Valerie at the stake.

To get in and out of town theres a couple of arches. I
think this one might be the one where Hedvica's wedding
entourage come into town at the start of the film...

...but it's hard to tell...

Going down, I think it was 170 steps or something?

Saw this in a window. It advertises the Czech online radio station

Theres a nice antique store, check out the crazy floor! Amazing!
I spoke with the owner in a mix of Czech, German and English and
asked if he knew anything about the film being made here. He
said he has seen it and liked it and that a while ago they
showed it in town, I think for the films anniversary.

Goodbye Slavonice! I'll be back someday :D


  1. I absolutely LOVED/feared that movie!

  2. Wow, you are so lucky! Thank you for the pictures! Valerie is also one of my favorite movies! The place looks a bit different now, but still beautiful.

  3. Great pictures of Slavonice. I love Valerie and have visited CZ several times, but never got to South Bohemia region. I ran across your blog, because I've been researching the movie a little bit lately for a series of paintings I just completed. Here is a link to my first post about "My Valerie Project" paintings:

  4. Sounds like you've had an amazing trip to visit where Valerie was shot and that town looks pretty nice, I love that film. :)

  5. Back in June 2017 i watched the film Valerie & her Week of Wonders. I found myself wondering where it took place. It was only while watching the DVD extra's during an interview, Slavonice was mentioned. First i took a look on Google Earth, then i found this blog.



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