Monday, October 3, 2011

Austria Pt. 10: Last but not least

This is my last and largest post about my trip to Austria.
An accumulation of the last days, parties and other various
curiosities that I came upon in my home country. :)

My dear friend Flo had his leaving party a week before I left.
He has moved to America since, taking a part of Vienna with him...

With Pia <3

With my brother :)


Visited a cool garden!

A cool way to reuse old bags :D

They had some CRAAAAZY fish in the pond! They follow your fingers
and stick their mouths out of the water. One almost got me! :P


I've been learning Czech for more than half a year now. My
grandpa (not my real one) speaks Czech fluently because thats
where his ancestors are from. One day as I visited him he busts
out this supercool 100 year old family chronicles that his great
grandfather started. Check out his handwriting above!
My grandpa is translating all his Czech writing into German.

There's even a very humbling letter that he sent to the emperor in
1901 to ask for monetary support to "ease the evening of his life" because
at the age of 86 he write he is "an old man, a cripple who lives of the
generosity of others". The emperor accepted his request since he had
served in the war for 18 years under general Radetzky in like the 1830ies.

A door to a house that is no more. They tore it down shortly after I left.

I opened the door and had a peek inside. My uncle had warned me not to go
in though because the whole thing could collapse at any point... You can see
a few more photos from the back of the house in this post: Click

Inbetween worlds. The walls of the old house and my grandma's (my real one :P).

Found another cool spider :)

My artistic grandma paints on whatever comes her way. This is the
coolest mug ever! When you drink out of it you can see rainbows :D

Early morning in a field...


Back in Vienna! The awesome mural behind me is by
Roa who was showing at INOPERAbLE Gallery.

Stan and I went to another leaving party of a friend's friend
whos flight was gonna go very early the next morning at 5 am.

Music by someone who knows what he's doing...

... and by us who didn't really know what we're
doing with the instruments we were given :D

We discovered fire (it took like 100 tries to get this shot!)
Check out the fire-elf we found in the photo! Looks like she's
holding a wand to the right and she's even got shoes! :D

Afterwards we squeezed into the tiny elevator...

...and wandered home through the streets of the forbidden city.


On what I thought was the hottest day of summer my mum made me
try on her old dirndl. I thought I'd melt in the heat of the summer sun
and the thick layers of fabric but we still got a few photos quickly :)

On what REALLY turned out to be the hottest day (the day before
I left) it was 41 degrees. (Some even say it was fortytwoooo omg).
Sweat was running down our faces, eww, so we decided to rent
a boat on the Danube river and jump into the water!

Normally the water is rather freezy but on this day it was just very refreshing!

We saw people climbing the bridge pillar and jumping off it!

This marks the end of my adventures in Austria...
It was a really cool time and I miss everyone already!

Stay tuned for pics from Singapore and Australia :)

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