Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The cat returns (and Samantha too)

Samantha is moving to Australia in a few days so she came
down to visit one more time. We turned into mermaids and
did all sorts of other fun stuff :D

On muddy paths we walked up Mt. Vic to the big white tree with the swing rope.

Indulged in eating some strawberries...

The glitter earring Sandra and I found and put up on the tree's bark last
time is still there. I want people to add their random glittering objects! :D

I love this photo! Princess Samantha is looking out the window of her tree castle <3

Further down hidden in the tall grass some guy was singing chanting
and playing unplugged on his demonic looking e-guitar...

We made eye contact as we left the hill :P

We found this cute treeface smoking away as we walked down. :)

I want a big tree in my garden if I'll ever have one.

Found this old Mercedes in Mt. Vic. My grandpa had the same model when
he was still alive. I used to be freaked out by the batman/ devilish looking
headrests. When you're a small kid looking at the car from behind against
a light background it looks like 2 devils are sitting in the car. :P

Mural by Drypnz

I found the same wallpaper I have on my livejournal
looking in the window of this little cafe!

There was a cute kitty! :D

So it was predestined that we watched "The Cat Returns" that evening.

Sam has magical teapot earrings... They pick up colour code signals from outer space.

We made papercuts...

My one looks like a little angry forest gnome :P


Another day I took Sandra for a walk. This very touching memorial plate
for a tree can be found on the edge of the parking space on Waiteata Rd.

Everything was flowering :D

A magician kid wavies its hand and a huge bubble appears!

I tried it too with the use of sticks, a rope and soapy water :P


On Sunday it was the final of the Rugby World Cup which has
brought many tourists into this country for the past few weeks.

Bex fishbraided my hair while we watched New Zealand win against France :D

Town was crazy afterwards!

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