Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gypsies, tramps & artists

It was Dave's birthday and I was invited to visit his and
Xoe's amazing 70ies house. While there, 2 friends and I
got sidetracked into the timewarp of Lucy's gypsy caravan...

Everything in there has sentimental value.

The sky mural was done by sister Xoe. If you look
closely there's a yellow plane flyine across it :)

Gina and myself in the back of the caravan, forgetting the meaning of time, day and night...

Finally we returned to the house - here's Xoe with one of her paintings.

The whole house is filled to the roof with art!

Wizard of Oz Colouring In Book! :DD

Xoe's glitter collection, which she uses to bedazzle many of her glitter pop art paintings.

A special type of glitter from I think Spain(?)

She turned Ken into Bowie with glitter pants! How cool is that?!

Harry looking at the stars...

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