Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dream paintings

As you know sometimes I need a break from my usual technique and I just paint quite loosely and fast. This time I had a flip through this years dream journal and painted a few scenes. It's the closest I can get to taking photos of my dreams :)

Dream 1: A tower of deer

I was leaning against a towerlike structure in the middle of a downhill sloped field. There were lots of people, most of them coming down my way. I was starting to climb the tower when I noticed it was constructed of live deer - their legs tied to each other with ropes. They were rather uncomfortable. As I climbed higher the tower was also climbed on by other people. Among them were also a panda, a giraffe and as I reached the top I even saw an elephant sitting up in front with more people on it. The people on top of the elephant bowed to the crowds below and shortly after the whole animal-people tower collapsed and everyone landed on the ground.


Dream 2: Bees & dead flowers

I was walking through a field of tall grass in which people lived in futuristic tents. I marched through the grass towards a big pile of dead flowers. All of a sudden I found myself right in the middle of it trying to get out and everywhere I looked there were lots of bees hovering around the dead flowers.

Dream 3: The horse walked through the window

Xoe had bought a new sewing machine and asked me to help her work it. So we went to her place which was a little wooden hut and sat down. An old lady who also lived there came and gave us each a big green ring so we could work better. I started threading the machine and after a while the mechanics of the machine turned into saddle straps and all of a sudden I was threading a big horse! We then went into my old room and opened the window. Outside it was night and lots of people were in the garden having a party. We let the big horse walk through the window and it ascended into the night sky.

Also: I will have a Postcard SALE coming up soon in time for X-mas!


  1. The 3rd really reminds me of Hedgehog in the Fog! There is a magical horse in it, too :D

  2. Oh hedgehog in the fog is really beautiful! thanks for sharing!



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