Thursday, December 22, 2011

Days of glitterdazzle fun with the girls :)

"Got any holy bibles" I asked several vintage book stores and found a cool one which I then bedazzled.
Bibles are so surreal, I wanna read the whole one one day...

Got a few photos piled up from the past weeks! Here's Xoe and I showing of our MORTAL GODS gang patches.
It's Xoe's awesome clothing label taking off soon!

Gina, Xoe & I have magic gold ring powers!

At a cafe the other day I noticed a suspicious reflection in Xoe's sunnies...

...of these babies!! Xoe and I are obsessed with covering stuff in jewels and/or glitter :P

Found some cool scarfes at Emporium and turned them into quick turbans :P

Girl artist gang <3

We went to Hit the White and I wrapped myself with fairylights :)

My bible is for sale there btw!

2 of my rings places on top of someone elses necklace look like a little frog face :P
Hit the White pop up shop is open only 1 more week so check it out quick!

Bedazzling some sneakers...

And the heels of someone's Lita's! I wanna keep them!

I leave you with a random photo of one of my crystal balls...

...and my rainbow glitter manicure :D
(The thumb is supposed to be lime green but the camera didn't pick it up)

*** Merry Xmas! ***

1 comment:

  1. love the nails!! and i'm picky about people's nails - like, REALLY picky.



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