Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. Sir & Belinda

Let me tell you the story of Mr. Sir & Belinda, the 2 pigeons that have been living on our building since we moved in 3 years ago...

I went through some old photos I took of them back in 2008 to see if they were actually still the same pigeons and YES they are!

Belinda on the left here is easy to recognize because of the big white spot between her wings. Mr. Sir has more of the the "typical" pigeon colouring but he's always with Belinda so I always know it's them :)

They were just always around and I decided to name them. I remembered 2 kids I used to look after in Auckland and the random names they made up and one of the names was "Mr. Sir". It seemed fitting and a friend of ours who's also quite a fan said he probably wears a top hat when we're not around. According to him he also has a miniature bottle of whiskey that he carries under his wing.

They had a little hideaway in the drain pipe under the deck. :)

They do this all the time... it's hilarious!

They love spying on us through the window...

...and think we don't notice.

Last year we moved into the next door flat and... they did too :D

Mr. Sir napping with the top hat on. Our friend is constantly thinking of how to catch pigeons and to glue top hats onto their heads. I had a bit of a google and found that someone else has given this some serious thought :P

"Ooh piece of fooood, ooh piece of fooood, ooh piece of fooood, ooh piece of fooood..."

Today they were very interested in the pot plants on the deck o_O

Mr. Sir getting suspicious of me behind him.

Belinda hiding in the leaves.

Mr. Sir's uncle runs a small public transport company. Very environmentally friendly: it runs on bread crumbs. :)

Also: Mr. Sir likes to switch gender roles when it comes to certain things: Check it out

Click here for Part 2


  1. CUTE!!! I love pigeons, too. And seagulls and all the birds other people seem to hate :P I love all animals. Pigeons are sweet! Me and my boyfriend tried to rescue a hurt one about a month ago...I don't think it made it, though :( We had the best intentions. Everyone else just kept passing by it on the street. We actually bought a box (NO ONE WOULD GIVE US ONE!) and took the pigeon to the emergency clinic - that's where the wildlife rescue said to bring it until they could pick it up the next day - when I called to check if they got him, they didn't have any pigeons with me as the rescuer, so I don't think he survived overnight :( Poor thing.
    Oh well - I love your pigeon post! It's super sweet, and they have great names :D

    - Opium from LJ

  2. So cute! We had a pair of cockatoos that would sit on our balcony, or outside my bedroom window. They'd watch through the glass and tap on the window. I named them 'Squeak and Sqwark' They were such a regular you could ask my dogs "Where's Squeak and Sqwark?" And they would run to the balcony door! Alas, we believe one passed away and the other never returned.

  3. @Lorrea: yeh me too I love all birdies :) tere's also oter birds that come to visit lots, i'll do a seperate post about them. aww sad about the pidgeon :(

    @Natalie: cockatoos are so cute! i wish we had them in the wild in NZ. saw some in sydney and they're quite loud, haha!

  4. I loved NZ - I would love to come back! Cathedral Cove and Raglan were my favourite, and Wellington was pretty awesome. I still need to see the south island!



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