Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Bedazzled Detachable Collar

I've seen a few cool detachable collars floating around the internet lately such as these.

While it's not rocket science here's a few steps and tips on how I did mine:

You'll need:

- A collar: Cut it off an old shirt or buy an old shirt for $1 from Salvation Army or so :)
- Rhinestones, diamantes or whatever else you wanna stick on it
- Strong glue of your choice

- a pencil and a cottonswab (optional)

It pays to play around and think about your design before you stick stuff on. I discovered these green leaf shapes and thought I wanna make flowers!
But if you're more a spontaneous type just go wild and see what happens :)

With a pencil I marked where I wanna put my design to make sure it fits.

You can place a drop of glue on the back of the rhinestones or... glue on the fabric first and then add the rhinestones. This is less fidgety but it also means you'll have to work fast or the glue will dry.

For applying the tiny ones I first drew a line of glue on the fabric, then wet a cotton swab slightly on one end to pick the rhinestones up with and set them onto the glue. Easy!

I also bedazzled the bedazzles in the middle of the flower :)

Let it dry for a bit and ---- Done! You can go party :D

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