Monday, February 20, 2012

Camp A Low Hum 2012

Through fortunate (but also unfortunate) circumstances Lucy and I were given free tickets to Camp A Low Hum! It's a 3 day festival amongst beautiful nature and you don't know what bands will be playing until you get there, but they're always interesting choices and there's something for everyone :D

We had our base camp (Cruizy Suzie the travelling home & my tent) at the best spot overlooking the small lagoon stage!

It all didn't look so bright when we first left Wellington trying to get there still during daylight hours (so we could have the van in the camping area). Lucy said "It's still sunny outside if you take the clouds away" which was true, on a sunny day it wouldn't have gotten dark so early :P
We got a bit lost but finally arrived with just enough light to set up camp when it started pouring down and we spent 2 hours trying to set up our awning. We finally got it up - both soaking wet when it stopped raining...$%^@#*&!

We wandered around the area in the dark and found the karaoke bus in which (at a later hour) we stumbled upon our new friend Damien the Devil's Dolphin (who will be mentioned again later).

The above 2 pics pretty much sum up the rest of the first night. A blur of lights/rain/fog/music. We retreated into Cruizy Suzie and stayed up talking until 5 am apparently the last people up in our area. All was quiet outside.

The next morning we were awakened by sunshine and the hauntingly beautiful voice and guitar melodies of Castlecliff Lights. By the end of the performance Lucy and I were so in love with her we both ended up buying the album ❤

Here's Lucy with Damien the dolphin :)
We lazed around our fortunate lagoon spot which at lunchtime always became the center of attention for the daily lagoon-party gig.

Another one of the outdoor stages set against a hill of fern trees.

Around the forest stage :)

Heaps of loud cicadas!

Drinkholder creativity :P

Waiting on the beautiful zodiac blanket while Lucy is pottering (new fav word) around the van making food for us <3


We ran out of rope...

Check out our spiderweb construction madness!

Lagoon sunset of the 2nd day.

Very much in love with Kirin J Callinan

And night falls... it was freeeeeeeeezing cold both of the last 2 nights because there were no clouds trapping the warmth.

At least there were heaps of stars to see which I love because in town you never get to see them so much because of the city glow.
The red cloud thingie is me dancing in the sky.

Lucky we had Lucy's cozy home to retreat to with hot drinks :)

Day 3!

I went for a morning stroll and decorated our pole with my findings...

A makeshift slide was created right outside our spot!

In front of our base camp :)

Kikuyu playing at the forest stage.

We decided that Damien needed a leash!

Family portrait :D

Some glittering threads and orange flowers in the trees!

Damien was very excited...

And so was I :)

An eye for an eye. My new jewellery range is definitely waterproof now it survived this festival!

Damien crossing a bridge.

Me crossing the bridge. It's a very shaky one...

Oh hai!

Lucy = Kali

Me = huge insect chewing on something

We lay down in the afternoon sun under the trees of the forest stage and waited to see Glass Vaults play.

Found red glitter on a tree stump.

A girl with the coolest hat ever sat next to us.

I'll leave you with a lung of smoke. The camera battery went flat at this moment which was alright I guess. Gives you a chance to carry absolutely nothing around for a while and let go.

We loved camp! Definitely going again next summer!!

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