Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"It's only the rain"

So finally, this is the painting I did on top of the one I painted over recently... :D

I was trying to paint realistic looking waterdrops which was interesting. Each drop is like a 5 step process and it will look terrible until each drop is finished but I was even fooled myself with how real they look because at one stage I glanced at the painting quickly and thought "Damn, I've spilt some water on it!" :P

You can get a postcard of it too!

Some details for you:

She's wearing my jewellery :DDD

Progress :)

The original sketch. There wasn't even any rain yet...

Going bigger...

Paint spiral :)
This kind of spiral (like the Nautilus shell)is called a logarithmic spiral, is a special kind of spiral curve which often appears in nature.

"Paint, magic, paint!"
Tonight I'm going to an outdoors screening of Labyrinth in the botanical gardens yay!


  1. Gorgeous! I love how you painted the drops too so realistic! I loved your WIP screenshots:). Is there a meaning to your painting, I always love hearing about them?:)
    Labyrith, my FAVORITE movie:) brilliant:)

  2. the meaning this time is too personal to put into words. that's why i paint i guess, it's easier :)

    1. ahhh, understand, yeah, sometimes I wish It was easier for me to write things:)
      I love how you blend with acrylics! sooo smooth!



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