Thursday, February 23, 2012

News from Mr. Sir & friends

A little update on our curious, naughty pigeons and their friends :)

Remember Mr. Sir & Belinda?

They're always around...

...wherever you look.

As of late Mr. Sir has been very interested in spiderwebs. At first I thought he's stealing the yummy flies in there...

... but then I found out he just enjoys eating whole webs! Belinda doesn't seem overly impressed.

She prefers the worms in the weeds...and the weeds themselves. Omnomnom!

When there's nothing left to eat outside they like to have a peek inside...

They've actually really been COMPLETELY INDOORS a few times now! At first they were very sneaky about it and left again before we saw them, however we did find some bird poo presents in out kitchen floor... %^@^&#*!
The next few times they were less secretive and Mr. Sir even bumped into the window twice when Hadley shooed him out. Luckily not with full force.
And last week he was just chilling in the middle of the lounge almost asleep. I calmly walked him to the door and then he flew out.
I never had the camera handy tho, either that or I was preoccupied with getting them out.

I never used to feed them until this little guy arrived and started being very loud begging for food.

I gave in a couple times and he remembered. Afterwards he always sat on the plant right beside the glass door peeking in, making noise, checking if I'm in there and when he detected some movement indoors (me getting some crumbs cause I was sick of his constant noise) he'd fly down to sit and wait right outside the bottom of the door.

Neverending chirping...

...until he gets something! Turns out he breaks the crumbs into even smaller pieces, then scoops them up to take them away presumably to feed his little ones :))))
That was a while ago now.

After Mr. Sir has collected all the sparrow's takeaway leftovers he likes to get comfy and nap.

Do not disturb :P

This big seagull is another bird that was a temporary resident on the roof for about a month. It liked to sit on top of the skylight and bang its beak against the window. The first time I opened the front door because I thought someone was knocking. It must've had a whole family up there or something because every day at the crack of dawn there was heaps of trampeling noise up there.

Glad it has moved on :)

See you next time when it's newstime again in the world of Mr. Sir & friends ♥

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