Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last days of summer

In the southern hemisphere summer is coming to an end. Here's a few photos from the past few months that I haven't posted yet.

Went to Martinborough for the first time!

They got some nice wines there :)

Fell in love with this painting in one of the cafes.

Discovered a lovely vintage shop there as well. Pretty much everything in the whole house is for sale. That's where I got this white lace dress from. They're on facebook: Vintage Treasures

On the way back through the mountains there was half the foest missing! o_O

Kerrin came to visit and we walked up to the tree with the swing.

Someone had tagged the tree... :(

Kerrin's way of walking a slippery slope :)

Then Wellington's most famous homeless person Ben Hana known as "Blanket man" died. People created a memorial where he used to sit.

Everything was in bloom at the botanical gardens

Petting the furry ferns :)

Anjyone know what kind of writing this is on top?

Went to the waterfront for the dragonboat race.

The beach on a beautiful day.

Sandra!! I miss her presence

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