Thursday, May 3, 2012

"I heard the water rising - It spoke to me of floods"

Bubbles stand for words unspoken - an overwhelming flood- it draws you in, it pulls you under. Ghosts are what's left of lifes lived faintly.

This time I started out photographing my original sketch and colouring it in photoshop to get an idea of the colours I wanted. (Obviously my talent in digital art is rather small...)

Progress... sorry for the lack of shots towards the end of it, I kinda forget about photos when I'm on a roll. I know it's a bit like this :DDD haha!

This little blue glitter particle (by the water lily) kept showing up on my painting.
I brushed it off 3 times but it kept coming back to random parts of the painting :P

Found a very old (verrrrry old like Jesus' dad carved it) frame in an op shop which I painted black. It leads into the painting like a tunnel.

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