Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weird & Wonderful # 30

Above 2 Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol

Photo by Lissy Elle

How to make a disco ball helmet: Click

Above 2 art by Fabian Ciraolo

Multiple exposure photo of Picasso using a small flashlight to "draw" a figure in the air.

Spectacular Three-Dimensional Money Sculptures: Click

Eerie Mirrored Sculptures by Rob Mulholland

Above 3 from editorial "Odessey and Oracle" @ rookiemag

Installation by Carlie Trosclair

Photo by Jacob Sutton

Futuristic Fantasy Advertisements: Click

Anatomical art-school ads: Click

Surreal 360-Degree Landscapes: Click

Art by Mike Worrall

Kevin Weir's Flux Machine project creates surprising, Python-esque animations out of public domain photos of the olde worlde.: Click

Cute fast-forward stop motion video of Venice in a Day:

- Fun Kalleidoscope, it changes when you mouse-over: Click

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