Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's talk about...LUCID DREAMING

I had a really long LUCID DREAM this morning and I wasn't even trying. I just lay there in the dark and all of a sudden I felt my dream body separating from my real body (I always love this feeling! I wrote about it a while ago).
I looked at my dream hands but everything was very dark and a bit blurry. I crawled out of bed and carefully opened my dream eyes fully (if you open them to quickly your real eyes will open and you'll wake). I decided to change my dream environment so I wanted to walk through the wall and on the other side will be a different room.
So I sat there by the wall, touched it and it felt hard like a normal wall...I did a reality check (breathing through my nose while holding it shut) and it worked so I was assured that this is a dream and that it won't hurt me trying to go through it.
When you want to achieve something in your lucid dreams you always have to belive in your abilities and focus on what it is that you want. For example if you want to fly off the top of a building you have to believe you can fly and not think of falling...or you WILL fall. You get whatever you focus on. Focus on what you want & believe in your abilities ...the same goes for real life! :)

So after I assured myself that I was dreaming and focused on the going-through-motion rather than the wall itself. I leant back a bit and then went with full force forwards through the wall... on the other side I tumbled down a half floor into another dark room filled with soft cardboard. I can't remember how I got out of there but the rest of the dream involved dreaming up paradise gardens, talking to people and just staring at them knowing they're not real. I did quite a lot of reality checks and just stayed calm and focused as I explored the world of my own mind. It ended in a really cool room that had lamps throwing colourful psychedelic patterns on the walls and ceiling and I remember just being mesmerized and so happy knowing that all this - the paradise gardens and crazy lamps - are part of an endless world of my own all inside my brain.

I want to write more about lucid dreaming, it's been a year since I last wrote about it. There's so much to tell!
I love chatting with people about it and I've met many who are able to do it. For some of them it just comes naturally. Lucky!


  1. Hey Jinxy! This is cray coz I am a frequent lucid dreamer, and have experienced sleep paralysis quite a bit too. I enjoy being lucid in my dreams and dictating what happens in my environment, but sleep paralysis usually freak me out and the challenge for me is to wake up, I have trouble waking up. These days when paralysis happens it doesn't scare me anymore.But never thought of the idea of actually enjoying sleep paralysis. Also, my challenge back then is to separate my dream body from my real body. I usually end up just staying in bed and shifting, or just sitting up, but haven't really consciously left my body...I always end up moving on to the lucid dream part without consciously being aware of leaving my body.

    I read this last night so I thought I'd try enjoying sleep paralysis (I've gotten used to it now that when I will it it happens easy). It happened the usual buzzing and separating, then I thought about what you said about trusting you can do it, so I thought I'll sit up, and I did. I tried to "feel" my dream body and feel my dream body's hands. THen I got up. Triumph! Next was I wanted to create a brighter, sparkly dream world but the dream world was still dark. I tried opening my dream eyes and ended up waking up.

    Thanks for the post, will give it a go another time and have fun with it and experiment :)

  2. Wow that's great that you had such a breakthrough moment!
    About the dream eyes: Sometimes mine are half shut and so the upper half of my vision is black. But my dream eyelids are very heavy at first and so you need to open them slowly but also with a "strong pushing mostion". Sometimes my real eyes open a little for a second but you have to stay focused on the dream image and they'll close again.
    Have fun and experiment more :D

  3. Thanks for the tips! I know what you mean by real eyes opening a little and you see a bit of the real room you're in and the dream room. Great advice and great to know Im not alone in this! :)



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