Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"They returned to the living"

I always had bunny rabbits. The first ones I got when I was 4 as we moved into a house with a big garden. And the last one died just before I came to NZ in 2006. We started out with floppy eared ones - a grey one and a white one. One day they died (can't remember how) and I was very sad. Then my dad brought home 2 new ones - the same colour but standing-up ears but I failed to notice this minor detail and just shouted "The rabbits are alive again!!". My little brother on the other hand had figured it out and said "Dada bought new wabbits"...

This painting features my favourite and/or most memorable ones, the faaavouritest being the one she (me) is holding. I took him for walks outside of the garden, along the river without a leash (I did make one once but the rabbits hated it) and he'd always let me catch him. He died the night of my 15th birthday. I was so sad and angry I knocked my plastic Mother Mary statue to the ground who I had prayed to so she'd let him live.
Some didn't die a natural death. The martens (stoat-like creatures) found gaps out by their hutches and got in. I remember looking in one morning and only finding a paw lying by the food bowl...
Anyway...they've enriched my childhood/ adolescence so much and they'll be forever in my heart and now also on a painting. In animal heaven the grass is always green. R.I.P. my friends <3

Here's a few photos I quickly found of some of them.
Maybe you can spot them in the painting :)

Babies, aww!

Bunny in snow-ball disguise :)

Just chillin...

I miss having pets... (Nothing against you Mr. Sir) I could get a rabbit but after having seen them be so happy running round the garden I couldn't possibly bring myself to put one in a cage in an apartment... They're not pot plants, they're animals. And pot plants I have. Oh yes. 55 of them to be exact. :)


  1. AW so beautiful! This is one of my faves :D

  2. They are adorable. I know what you mean about not wanting to cage them. As a child, I didn't realize that rabbits need room to run freely.



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