Monday, August 27, 2012

Been a while...

I suck at updating this blog lately, but here's some photos as of late. Meli - my new Austrian friend abroad- and I lounging on one of the Mighty Mighty's fabulous couches after market time.

Pinky at the market with her super cute creations.

Check out those bad boys :)

Another stall had this crazy gem with a rainbow inside!

Smallest trumpet ever? I think so!

Come to the next market, on this Saturday! Do you like my poster design? Starring Sadie from Shh made by Sadie Jewellery.


Meli and I walked up to Mt. Vic and payed a visit to the tree with the ever-changing swing arrangements. This one is by far the coolest one!

I thought I was gonna crash into the trees!

Mt. Vic enveloped in evening fog. One day I'll manage to get there when its like this...

Nighttime painting... I've finished this since but haven't taken a photo yet.

A nightly visitor lurking over the edge of my note book...

So many eyes ::)

Made a weird purse :)

Took some pics through one of my austrian crystals from childhood.

A while ago obviously...I still have a fringe in these pics. Kinda miss it.

Jasmin Sparrow feather headdress I got from Bex :)

Noticed a rainbow while painting...

...coming from another crystal.

Rainbow stigmata. I have rainbow blood.

PS: I have an exhibition soon! Click!

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