Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Solo exhibition @ Willis York - Opening night pics

My exhibition opened last Friday @ Willis York. Had a great time on opening night! Thanks everyone for coming! If you couldn't make it you can still see it Tues - Sat until the 8th of Oct. Or if you're not in Wellington I made a little virtual tour here on my website: Click
Here's some photos :)

I put little bottles of water on the walls to keep the ivy green :)

I had to have greenery, because it features through a lot of my paintings, especially ivy.

Giclee prints & postcards are available also.

The eye-jewellery-club ♥

I have some jewellery left for sale at the exhibition :)

Mr. Sir's painting went to the best possible person, Libby, who has a pigeon tattoo on her back ♥

I made a little book in which people could find out more about the individual paintings.

I had a prize draw on the night. I like the pastel colours on black :)

Time lapse...

More pics from opening night on facebook: Click
And here's my online exhibition tour: Click
Or best see it @ Willis York upstairs 119 Taranaki Street,
open Tues - Sat until the 8th of Oct.


  1. Wow, your opening looks gorgeous! I love the way you strung the leaves through your pictures.

    By the by, I think you look divine without bangs actually! I've always loved your hair either way but I think you've had fringe the whole time - your face is so pretty fully exposed too. Really like the new look dear!

    1. aww thank you! the fringe-grow-out is still at an annoying length at the moment but soon it won't be anymore yay, patience!

  2. I love the Ivy feature :)



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