Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flowers near Camel Mountain

Today I walked on foreign roads near Camel Mountain, which is a pair of camel-back-shaped forest hills I have a view of from my new place. Actually it's Infinite Camel Mountain because the second hump is split into 2 humps again. (and maybe again and again if you go closer, who knows?)
I wandered aimlessly until I came across a girl picking a blossom off a hedge. In her other hand she already carried a bunch of beautiful flowers. I told her they were pretty and she replied "It's wildflower season", so then I set out to pick flowers to take home.
I was never much of a flower-picker - much more preferred pot plants that stay alive, but this spring it's different and I've had them fill my bedroom with fragrance & colour since I moved in about a month ago.

Today I picked one of each kind I saw. There were barely any people out and about on the backroads of suburbia but on 2 separate occasions I passed people dressed in 50ies clothes. I may have stepped into a time warp. Or maybe they have? Other than that I only met 1 shy cat and 2 pigeons, so far removed from the scum of the city they dug for worms in the ground as they clumsily slid down the hillside.

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