Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cats & Koalas

Been painting outside the other day and one of the neighbourhood kitties came to watch. There's a few curious felines around, but it's mostly this siamese that comes to hang out.

"Me thinks it's gonna rain on your paints."
"What's that you're painting? Not meee?? Pfftt"

When I first moved in her and her friend the Cat-Emperor of China (also lovingly known around the area as 'Shovelface') were a bit shy but still curious.

I was working on a DIY project out the front door when I heard a jingeling sound (their necklaces) and soon the 2 poked their heads round the corner.

Making herself at home on my bed. I thought her colours go nice with my blankie :)

My cousin fell in love with her too when her & my brother visited from Austria for X-mas.

"Surrender, piece of grass!"

This one is very shy. Only when you play with her she forgets that she is shy for a minute & then she looks at you again and recalls that you're a very dangerous human.

The black cat seen throug my flower-filled window always fights with whatever other cat is around. Preferrable right underneath the house in the early morning so it sounds like hell is loose under my bed.

It's been a nice place this one, but I'm moving out again this week. I'll miss the siamese but I'm not moving too far so might pop into her every now and then and say meow.

So where's the koalas you ask?

There you go :)

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