Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaker Bay with Meli

Today I got asked if I had someone to pour my heart out to. Someone I could tell anything...
While there are many people in my life that I consider good friends - as well as family & friends back home on the other side of the world - the first person that popped into my head was Meli, who I hadn't even known before she arrived in New Zealand about half a year ago. Being from Austria as well we clicked instantly, hung out heaps together & became almost-neighbours which certainly contributes to building a close friendship.
I can tell her anything and know what I say is safe with her and is not automatically public gossip property, as I have expierienced numerous times before (especially in small Wellington).
For visa reasons we had to say goodbye shortly after New Years and now I'm Meli-less :(

Here's a few pictures we took at beautiful Breaker Bay early this summer.

The area I live in is full of memories :)
I miss the times when we drank Scrumpy on the bus into town. I miss shouting never-ending goodbyes for ages after our roads parted after a night out, waking up the neighbours and hanging out hungover & DESTRÖYED at the local cafe the morning after.

But no doubt we'll hang again when I visit home next.
So long :)

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