Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The sacred waters of Waiotapu

While in Rotorua we also checked out Waiotapu which means "sacred waters" in Māori. It's an active geothermal area full of colourful hot springs as well as a geyser and bubbling mud pools. One of it's most famous attractions is the stunning Champagne Pool above.

Lady Knox Geyser errupting. Excuse the uncentered image, I held my camers above all the other people's heads so didn't see what I was snapping... it certainly is a popular attraction that one.

A pied stilt. What does "pied" mean? It always cracks me up when I hear it in bird names. Like it stole your pie and ate it up.


  1. These are gorgeous, is it ok if I use them as inspiration for some paintings?
    Pied is French for foot, maybe it's because of the way it stands on the water or something like that? hehehe.

    1. sure you can, show me when you're done, would love to see :)

    2. hehehe I got to it pretty fast! I made a post with the paintings here: http://www.dear-sweetlings.com/2013/02/handmade-spirit-stones-standing-stones.html



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