Wednesday, February 20, 2013

X-mas & New Years

2 months behind posting this but my brother & cousin visited from Austria for X-mas & New years! After a few plane cancellations and emergency road trips we were finally reunited on the 24th and their luggage came on X-mas day...

Apart from a trip to the airport, most of X-mas day was spent at the beach :)

Bluebottle jellyfish floated by and put everyone out of the water for a couple of hours.

In party-mode for NY eve :)


Before we headed off travelling the North Island we explored the local Forest in Wilton- Otari bush.


We took off on the naked bus, first to Taupo, then Rotorua. The bus driver was sad to see us go because I fed him X-mas chocolates from the seat behind him.

My brother found this world-in-a-bottle in the lake. It's like a little tree :)

Those birds were soooo loud!!

After that we went to thermal wonderland Waiotapu but that deserves its own post!

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