Friday, March 8, 2013

Artsy places up north

On our trip up north past Auckland we entered Northland where there's a few pretty cool places to be seen. Apart from all the nature - I'll get to those photos soon - these are some fabulous places of amazing art & architecture, some of which I've featured on my other blog curious-places.

Amaze Space in Kawakawa is a courtyard-park featuring a still growing array of mosaics, crazy mirrors, wall murals & much more.


Also located in Kawakawa are the trippy Hundertwasser public toilets. I love Hundertwasser, he's a fellow Austrian artist who fell in love with New Zealand back in the 70ies. He's also buried in Kawakawa.


Loved seeing beautiful Cafe Eutopia again in Kaiwaka.


These cute tent-cabins belong to Rawene Holiday Park in the Hokianga harbour. We saw the most amzing sunset up there.

Also we realized how faaaar away we were from Auckland let alone Wellington...


  1. Do you have an Instagram account?

    1. no, i think i'd have a social networking overdose. ;)
      i can barely update my tumblr regularly and tried out twitter for a few weeks but deleted it...

    2. Aww! I would've loved to follow you on Instagram, that's why I had to ask. I'll just be sure to keep checking this here blog of yours for your awesome pictures. :)



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