Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stolen paintings RETURNED!!!!


I was running errands in town yesterday when I got a call from Melissa- the curator at about 2pm that they're back and she'll tell me what happened when I get there! I screamed my lungs out on the street - everybody was staring thinking wtf is up with that girl? But I was so happy I wanted to hug everyone on my sprint to the gallery. I could barely wait for lights to go green but made myself wait - I better not get myself killed before I see my paintings again - also because there was a child waiting at the crossing and I don't wanna be a bad influence but as soon as it was green I ran ran ran!!

Back at the gallery they were there undamaged in a weird grey sack and so Melissa started telling me what she knew:
The owner of a gallery nearby came by saying "I have something I think you're interested in" and BOOM it was the missing paintings! Some poor homeless looking guy dropped them off at his gallery saying that he spotted the lady sticking out of a sack with some other homeless people. He thought that they were nice paintings for homeless to have with them but walked on. Later he saw one of the "Missing Artworks" posters we'd been spreading across town, so went back at night and stole them back off them while they were asleep!
We had a $200 reward "no questions asked" if they were to be returned so when he came back we gave him $100 bucks each and tried to believe the story. It's still weird to me that they'd taken them but I've got them - undamaged as well (!) - and that's the most impostant thing!!

I had a great response from the community in Wellington as well as many people online sharing the pictures in case they turn up on ebay etc. Other artists told us their stories of paintings being stolen and Melissa said there were even people in tears as she was hanging up posters and handing them out to shops in the area.

It has raised my profile in the area, which I guess is a good thing even though I'd rather have my art known for other reasons than it being stolen. I've also had one person asking it it was a publicity stunt which I think if you don't know me or if you haven't been there first hand and seen the events happen is a fair enough thought.
Just to clarify: it sure as hell wasn't a publicity stunt! The day they were taken was one of the most stressful days of my life, I could barely eat anything as I felt my stomach was lined with acid from all the stress. Every morning waking up coming back into reality that they still were missing and slowly giving up hope of getting them back and then I get a call that THEY'RE BACK!!
Melissa and I were both so relieved and the last 2 hours yesterday we were at the gallery both yawning every 10 minutes, we couldn't help it, it must've been relief-yawns or something.

Anyway they're back and today is the last day of the show! Melissa is already there and I'm heading in at 3, so might see you there!

Thanks again for everyones help and thoughts and sympathy!!!!♥♥♥

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