Wednesday, May 1, 2013

90 Mile Beach

After the northern desert we got more sand, miles of it at 90 mile beach (which is actually 90 km long)!

Found some coooool blue shells but they had things living inside so I left them at the beach...

I hadn't driven a car in 6 years (and never with the steering wheel on the right) but drove on the beach for a bit. I had to be advised what each of the pedals do again... :)

You can only drive on it in low tide and gotta stay inbetween the dry sand and the too-wet sand or you get stuck and if no other car comes past in time the tide will eat you.

The whole beach is walled by sand dunes except for a couple of exits.

Pretty mosaic house in Kaitaia!

Weird sun-halo...

...and a lonely sand dune stuck in the mountains. People say theres a lagoon in it but you can't go up there because it's private land.

We stayed the night in Ahipara at the bottom end of 90 mile beach.

All you can see at the horizon is the rest of that endless stretch of sand.
Amazing place ♥

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